Stage 3:
Cyberdrome MMOG
Massively Multiplayer Online Game

What if you were given the opportunity to enter the Cyberdrome Core and explore hundreds of square miles of virtual reality from your phone or personal computer? Would you take it?

What if you could actually sit inside your very own TRACER and do battle with a growing army of genetically-evolved robotic life forms? What if these robotic life forms were the size of a three-story building and had weapons far more powerful than yours? Would you have the skill to defeat them?

What if you were asked to enter Earth-based simulations with the goal of rescuing humans held captive there by a dangerous and intelligent enemy? What if you were told that you had to complete this mission without the use of game saves or extra lives. Would you have the courage to attempt it?

And finally, what if a few hundred of your friends could join you? Would that be cool? That could be Cyberdrome Click here to buy the book and help make it happen!