Stage 2:
PC-based Cyberdrome Simulator

PC-Based 3D Artificial Life Simulation: An adventure into a virtual environment containing genetically-evolved artificial life forms.

Cyberdrome™ Simulator is a 3D digital world created to grow and evolve artificial life (ALife) programs, and to allow humans to explore and interact with these creatures in a massive environment.

Actual screen capture from Cyberdrome Simulator

Cyberdrome™ Simulator consists of 9 memory sectors, each covering a scaled area equal to 100 square miles.

Inside each of these sectors there are up to 2000 independently moving artificial life (ALife) programs which have

Actual screen capture from Cyberdrome Simulator

been allowed to evolve over time without human control. These life forms include Raptors, Spiders and Mantises.

 Actual screen capture from Cyberdrome Simulator

We have to tell you that work on the Cyberdrome™ Simulator has been put on hold, but we hope to bring it back someday soon in a brand new format - a Massively Multiplayer Online Game!