As the last descendants of Earth struggle to survive beneath the surface
of an alien water planet, a young ship's captain awakens an
ancient enemy that could destroy what's left of the
human race, or be the key to its future.

Jake Stone is a young man haunted by his past. As the reluctant captain of a transport submarine called the Rogue Wave, he just wants to forget his troubles and find a safe place for his crew to live in peace. But there is no peace in the crushing depths of this hostile world. Fueled by an oppressive government and failing resources, the people of Civica Colony have finally given in to their fears, and civil war is spreading like a virus.

And now, an ancient enemy that was cast out after the destruction of Earth, the so-called Fall of Man, is returning to destroy what's left of the human race. Will Jake abandon the colony to protect his crew, or stay and fight to prevent humanity's final apocalypse?

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