There are many creative teams composed of siblings in the world; the Wachowskis, Joss Whedon and his brothers, and the Coen brothers, are some of the more famous. Less well known are the Rhea brothers, Joseph Rhea and Dave Rhea, who have been working together on creative projects for as long as either can remember. Thirty years ago, they started a company called Rhea-FX and created one of the first true multiplayer 3D computer games, which they called "Cyberdrome." A few years later they created a far more complex version of the game featuring a massive, fractal-generated digital world, filled with hundreds of genetically-evolving artificial life forms. Since then, their creative projects have included completion of the Cyberdrome Novel (a story loosely based on the world behind the games), the beginnings of two digital comics, and more recently, a CGI movie based on Joseph's new science fiction saga, Novum Chronicles.

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